Ebola 100 Panel meets at the Society for Applied Anthropology, Philadelphia, PA

McLean, K., Post, K., Abramowitz, S., Henderson, R., Le Roux-Kemp, A., & Van Arsdale, P. The Ebola 100 Project: Why Anthropology Matters for Global Health. Panel Session at the Society for Applied Anthropology's 2018 Annual Meeting "Sustainable Futures." Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 3-7, 2018.

This panel presented findings from five different engagements with the public research archive, "The Ebola 100 Project." Participants addressed themes including: the militarization of aid; legal frameworks for public health emergencies; clinical management of risk; healthcare worker relationships; and social science data sharing. Panels also reflected on lessons learned in light of the Ebola response in West Africa, challenges and successes related to the Ebola 100 Project itself, as well as the role of anthropology (and social science more broadly) in global health emergency response.